Conference Call Services and Your Business

Leveraging the power of communication technology to promote and support your business is the rule and not the exception today. Whether your organization has five employees or 5,000 employees located on every continent and in every major region of our planet, a conference call service can effortlessly connect your entire organization much like Ma Bell’s party line of yester years.

Today’s conference call services  are highly sophisticated feature-rich communication models that work on land lines, cell phones, on the Internet through Voice over Internet Protocol also known as VOIP, as well as a combination of all of the above. The design and features may be sophisticated but they are extremely easy to use. The conference coordinator in your organization responsible for the smooth operation of your conference schedule will first set up an account on a conference call service provider’s website. We recommend free call conferencing services such as,, GroupMe, Rondee or Wiggio where the coordinator can send out invites to colleagues announcing the conference while at the same time getting used to new ways of connecting with the rest of the company. Participants are provided with two options. They can either participate in the conference call by logging on to the service provider’s website and use their headphone gear to take part in the proceedings. Conference attendees can also dial the conference phone number and enter their PIN to access the conference hub through an interactive voice response system known as the IVR. Their entry into the virtual conference room is clearly announced through an audio alert and the attendee is now ready to interact with the other members of the conference much like a webinar which is essentially an enhanced version of call conferencing.Continue Reading

How to Evaluate a Conference Call Service

Trend-setting technologies including key communication technologies such as a conference call service can go a long way in connecting organizations with customers, prospects, shareholders and investors thus delivering not only a higher brand of customer service but also increasing ROI and long-term gains. Whether or not you select the right conference call service provider forContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Conference Calling Services and your Corporate Expectations

Before you embark on your journey to conduct a quick assessment of the various conference calling services waiting to hear from you in order to grab a piece of your business action, your primary consideration would be to introspect and make sure that your company can indeed benefit from the services of a qualified andContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Conference Calling Services for your Business

When Alexander Graham Bell and Marconi stepped into a new stratosphere of communication technology with their respective innovations in the spheres of telephone and radio communication, little did they know that in less than a hundred years, their inventions would become as ubiquitous as a box of matches or laundry soap. Conference calling services areContinue ReadingContinue Reading